the mullin clan...

The Mullin Clan is the result of genealogy research done by various family members. We’ve been able to track my great grandmother’s family, the Maloney/Phelans back to Ireland in 1740!

The family tree site is password protected to keep it private and within the family. If you’re a member of “The Clan” please contact me if you’d like to have access.

mullin web designs...

This site is for my web design business which I’ve been doing since 1995. In the late 90’s through about 2005 this was my main focus, since then I’ve continued doing web work but mainly as a side job, and now that I’m retired I mainly help family members and friends with their online needs. Please take a look and let me know if you need any web help.

portfolio :: ed mullin

Photography has long been a hobby and passion of mine. As I kid I always asked to take the family photos and then in college I got my first SLR, a Canon FT, and I’ve been shooting ever since. The portfolio has my more recent work and some older photos as I work back through the archives. Please take a moment to look over my photos.