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every web site has a different purpose and objective.
mullin web designs can help you achieve your objectives no matter how large or small.

mullin web designs has been designing and maintaining web sites since the mid nineties. We have created sites for small business, school districts, international organizations, and non-profits. They have been all sizes from one page sites (like this one), to multi-page, multi-site projects for school districts.

The sites we design have several key features in common. They are easy to navigate, they are uncluttered, and they are compliant with current web standards.

Please take a few minutes to review the other sections on the site to find out more about the services we can offer and how we can help you with your online web presence.

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responsive design: computer, tablet, or smartphone the web's not only on your desk anymore...


In the past when you decided on a design you needed to test it on several of the more popular browsers and that would do it. Now, in addition to testing with the popular browsers you should also test it on smartphones and tablets to insure that your site works and looks acceptable on these smaller screens.

Today a website needs to be responsive, adapting to whatever device your customers are using to view your site. This adds another level of design considerations, and reinforces the need to follow accepted design standards such as accessibility criteria (Section 508), HTML (W3C), and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

All the sites we work on are tested on desktop and mobile platforms to ensure that the desired look and feel is attained.

social media do you like to tweet your likes?

Today's internet is all about social media: twitter, Instagram, facebook, and LinkedIn to mention just a few. Have you embraced social media?

social media Twitter SocialMedia LinkedIN GooglePlus These days, if you have an opinion to share or something to say you have a lot of options. Quick comment on the news or a company accomplishment - send a tweet! Highlight an award or promote an upcoming presentation - try Facebook and/or Linked In. There's no shortage of outlets. Choosing the right ones and then preparing your message are only the first steps. Does your website enable visitors to "like" you or connect with you easily? If not then we can help you to "like" your tweets.


maintenance "everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance" - K. Vonnegut

The day after your site goes online it's out-of-date!
How did that happen? ?Better yet, how do you fix it?

Relax, it's probably not that bad! But things change and your site should reflect that. Have you added new products? new services? new staff? and don't forget that award you just received!

It's very easy to forget about your site once you get it finished and online, but searching on the internet is probably the most common method that people use to find services and products, so your site needs to be up to date. We can help you with that!

If your original designer has moved on, or no longer works on web design, not a problem! We have worked with numerous customers to spruce up their existing site, add new services and products just to mention a few. All we need is some basic information to access your site, and the new information that you want online. So don't despair, your site is not a total loss, we can get it up-to-date and looking good in no time.

examples what we're doing and what we've done...

We have numerous clients whose sites we have designed and maintained for over 10 years, along with several new sites that are only a year old. Take a quick look to see what we've done. Please click on the thumbnails for a larger image.

EQMQSEM Solutions! is an environmental company that has offices and staff spread across the Midwest and therefore tries to present itself as a company that can meet the needs of their customers wherever they are located. This site features a rotating banner depicting key market areas.

QSEM Solutions!


Valley TempleThe Valley Temple website was dsigned to allow the Temple staff to post routine updates and maintain a calendar for temple members. A Wordpress installation was chosen as the foundation of the site and several plugins were chosen to provide the functionality that they desired. The site utilizes a responsive theme so that members can easily view the site on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Upon completion of the installtion and design, training was provided to the staff to allow them to add and update the site's content. Site maintenance is provided on as needed basis.

Valley Temple

SWOC-AWMAThe SWOC-AWMA site was designed to provide information to the chapter members. This includes information on upcoming meetings as well as providing access to the presentations form past meetings. This site utilizes a responsive design to enable easy viewingof the site on computers, tablets and smartphones.



I have several small business clients that range from a non-profit organization to a Human Service Professionals trainer. Typically these are compact sites focused on presenting the company's services and providing an easy way to contact the organization. Listed below are links to several of these sites.

In addition to my active clients I have designed and manages sites for other companies and organizations who have decided to either manage their sites themselves or switched to a different provider. Listed below are some of my past clients.

  • Environmental Quality Management, Cincinnati, OH - Environmental consilting
  • Leanne Montgomery, Lawyer, Cincinnati, OH
  • Princeton City School District, Cincinnati, OH - District site and 10 individual school sites.
  • Oak Hills Local School District, Cincinnati, OH - District site and 10 individual school sites.
  • The Women's Sexual Health Foundation, Cincinnati, OH - performed updates to an existing site
  • Walnut Grove Playgrounds, Cincinnati, OH - Designed the site and added an online store, which has been taken offline.
  • Catholic Charities of SouthWest Ohio, Cincinnati, OH - Site design and a companion Wordpress site for caregivers.
  • Quality Enhancement Services & Training (QEST), Cincinnati, OH - Site design and course registration system.
  • SMS, LLC - Environmental Consulting, Las Vegas NV



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